3 Ways to Get Live Streaming CNBC Video On Your Computer
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CNBC: First In Business Worldwide

Launched in 1989, CNBC was the first mainstream cable channel fully devoted to market news and opinion. In the last few years many cable providers have begun to offer competitor channels such as Bloomberg TV and/or Fox Business Channel, but for a lot of folks, only the original will do. With classic shows such as "Squawk Box", "Power Lunch", "Fast Money", "Mad Money with Jim Cramer", and "The Kudlow Report", CNBC has a special place in the hearts of many investors. But when you don't have access to a TV, how can you watch CNBC? Fortunately there are several ways to get CNBC streaming video directly on your computer.

Option 1: CNBC Pro

A live streaming CNBC video feed can be purchased directly from CNBC by subscribing to their CNBC Pro service for $30 per month, or $300 per year. For this fee, you get live streaming CNBC TV on your computer or mobile platform as well as access to a library of over 200,000 on-demand video clips (including 150 new clips each day). In addition to the live CNBC streaming video and video archive, you get access to a web-based real-time quote system that covers 100+ global exchanges.

2 Ways To Get Free CNBC Streaming Video (Kind-of)

There are currently 2 brokerages that offer free CNBC streaming video integrated into their trading platforms. Well, they're not exactly free. Instead, they are covered by the cost of your commissions, which are slightly higher than some other discount brokers. However, both platforms offer a tremendous number of features aside from the CNBC stream and offer solid, dependable brokerage services.

E-Trade customers who use Power E-Trade Pro can access a free streaming CNBC video feed. After entering their E Trade login and waiting for the Power ETrade Pro application to load, users will see an icon on the menu bar labeled "Live TV" which they can use to fire up a real-time streaming CNBC window. Unlike CNBC Pro, users are not able to access the entire library of archived video clips. Instead, about 50 clips per day are available, covering the latest round of shows. E-Trade users can also launch the CNBC window from the E-Trade website. First enter your Etrade login, then check the right side panel and look for the CNBC logo and link marked "CNBC Live TV".

ThinkorSwim's ThinkDesktop users can click on the CNBC gadget to display a live streaming CNBC video feed. ThinkorSwim's library of free on-demand video clips is much larger than E-Trade's but much smaller than that offered by CNBC Pro. Another nice feature of ThinkorSwim's CNBC integration is the ability to search by symbol to see a list of videos where the symbol was mentioned. This video lookup feature works for individual companies as well as ETF's and indexes.

Whether it's to get a quick update on breaking news during the day or to get your daily fix of Erin Burnett, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, and Melissa Lee, streaming CNBC video is the place to be. With several options available to get streaming CNBC video, you don't have to miss a single minute.


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